We’re audiophiles, sonically obsessed, devoted to enlightening the world with quality sound and music. But we’re also more than that.

We’re the pew-pew in your spaceship. The rawr in your Godzilla. The muah in your kiss. The wah in your riff. We’re musicians, producers, voice directors, sound designers, engineers, composers, music licensors, writers, and creative thinkers from every walk of life. We burst into song. We dance in the street. We do funny voices. We’re those happy humming weirdos who make your life sound sweet and bring a smile to your audience’s ears.

And the best part? We’re here for you, whenever you need it.


Casting & Voice Directing

With so many wonderful voices to choose from, let us help narrow it down for you. We have the expertise with voice talent to not only choose the right fit for your project, but direct them in ways that will make you say “oooh” and “aaah”.

Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering

Foley. SFX. ADR. Mixing layers of lovely sound. Sometimes just silence in all the right places. With our Super-Wolverine-Vulcan-Vampire ears, we hear into every nook and cranny, and make you sound sublime.

Music Composition & Licensing

In-house composers, writers and producers crafting oh-so-pleasing sounds for your ears. You give them the brief, and they create something fresh, catchy, always unique to your project. And for those who want that earworm fresh from the radio, our music licensor extraordinaire has super-deep covert-ops connections with all the major labels and publishers, and works round the clock to get you the song you need for a deal you won’t believe.

Source Connect

Have talent in another country? Another galaxy? No problem. With the magic of source connect, we can record a voice that’s light years away, and make it sound as crisp and clear as if it was right there in the room.