TA2 Director Tyson Kuteyi had the pleasure of working with Jon Levine (The Philosopher Kings) and Living Legacy Recordings on a project three years ago. The angelic Carley Allison recorded a cover of Christina Perri’s song “Human” at our TA2 East studios, showing the world that nothing can take what you love away from you.

This voice is a real miracle. 19 year old Carley Allison wasn’t supposed to be able to sing again after she had 5cm of her trachea removed along with a cancerous tumor in 2013.

After battling tracheal cancer, Carley was diagnosed with an inoperable kind of Lung Cancer called Clear Cell Sarcoma.

This year, Carley’s best friend produced and starred in a film about the late Figure Skater/Singer. Learn more about her story below.


In memory of Carley Allison, voice of an angel, who passed away 2 years ago today.