Ep 15. Sound Editor Claire Dobson

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Chances are you’re no stranger to binge-watching a series or two on Netflix. A lot of work goes into what those shows and specials sound like, and if you’re an audio nerd like us, you’re probably already thinking about the areas we hear that make a production shine; the music department, foley, ADR and sound design.

In this episode, we chat with Claire Dobson, an Emmy-nominated Toronto based sound designer with an impressive list of credits. She’s worked on The Handmaid’s Tale, Vikings and Fargo, to name a few.

Claire tells us how her career took off, starting with producing short films in high school. She loved the process of piecing a story together, and in university, her profs quickly took notice to her talent.

Listen to hear about her 9 years so far in audio, plus her 3 key pieces of advices if you want to get into the ‘biz.