Ep 10. hey! dw, Epic Toronto DJ & Award-winning Director

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Meet D.W. Waterson, also known as hey! dw. She’s an artist of many talents. To some, she’s hey! dw, a DJ drummer party captain that lead them have the best night ever. To others, she’s the creator and director of their fave binge-watchable You-Tube series. On the real, she’s one of the hottest Toronto DJs around, a musician at heart and an award winning director/creator.

Her digital series That’s My DJ, inspired by the party scene she lives in, won her Best Director at the New York Television Festival and Vancouver WebFest. She has since been signed to GERSH & Meridian agency to take it all to the next level. 

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So I’m kind of applying that pressure to myself in the sense of ‘that stuff was great… that stuff people responded to…’ I gotta make something good now.”

Since founding her production company Night is YWaterson has dedicated herself to uniting the talents of filmmakers, artists, musicians and actors to tell visually stunning, dynamic stories.

hey! dw biked over to the studio on a very hot August afternoon to chat about her whirlwind of a career over the past 5 years. What makes her DJ set stand out? Who inspires her? And, what’s next?

Sisters of Sound is produced and hosted by TA2’s Morgan Sheppard