Ep 11. It’s Your Girlgineer, Annelise Noronha

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Sound engineering is dominated by the dudes, which is no secret to us at Sisters of Sound. The Audio Engineering Society’s (AES) American women in audio committee—which is now, tellingly, defunct—loosely estimated that 5 percent of those working in the field are female.

On Episode 11, we got an engineer who’s been behind the board for over 25 years.

Annelise Noronha is a Canadian producer, engineer, and composer. She’s a proud mama to English bulldog Holly, who you might catch snoring in the background of this episode.

Annelise tells us about how she got into engineering in the first place and succeeded, working her way up as an assistant at Studio 306 and Digital Music And Post, and eventually cutting her teeth engineering at the now defunct Manta Sound from 1994-2003. Her Manta work fam was supportive and luckily not sexist at all, which is rare for the field. She admits there’s been times over the years where her gender has likely affected how she had been treated, but she didn’t care to acknowledge it. She was working too hard.

“It’s still a man’s world out there. Before, it would have been a sign of weakness for the women to band together.”

The roster of artists she’s worked with is hella impressive: Jennifer Lopez, James Brown, Blue Rodeo, and Oscar Peterson, as well as working with producers Phil Ramone, and John Whynot.

She’s scored films and musicals, composed her own music for film and TV and taught workshops on mixing for female and LGBTQ folks.

Annelise currently divides her time working between Toronto, and her home in Prince Edward County.