Ep 12. The Wonderful World of Audiobooks

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Stories are a part of our lives from the very beginning. They come to us in many forms; a daily group-chat, the evening TV news or a perhaps a podcast. Almost half of the US population has listened to a podcast now, and that’s still on the rise. But what about books?

E-readers were the first technology to disrupt paperbacks. And now, it’s audio. But it’s not a bad thing for publishers. They’re switching things up quick, and are now publishing their books in both paper and sound.

Our guest for Episode 12 is Ann Jansen, Director of Audiobook Production for Penguin Random House Canada, where 90% of their adult titles, fiction and narrative non-fiction, published are coming out in audiobook format, as well as print and e-book editions.

Stories can come across vastly different in audio form over the written word.

“It’s like taking a book and making it into a film. Something changes, something gets lost, something gets gained.”

Ann tells us about her time working for CBC, where she lead their iconic Canada Reads program for 10 years. Ann read a lot of books in that time, so it’s safe to say she knows what’s good when it comes to bringing stories to life through sound. We learn how audiobooks are produced, her top three books you should listen to (authored by women) and why it’s such an exciting time for the audiobook industry.