Ep 3. CLAIRE MURPHY: All Hands on Guitar

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CLAIRE MURPHY: All Hands on Guitar

Backline and Guitar Tech: a concert literally could not happen without those dressed-in-all-black-figures that you always see setting up the stage. Enter Claire Murphy, a woman who claims that anyone can do the job if you know the right techniques.

Claire Murphy has toured with bands like The Raveonettes and Vance Joy. She talks about what it’s like to be a woman in that position and how there aren’t many others like her.

On working with an all-girl crew: “This shouldn’t be an anomaly. It should be like this more often. I’m not all ‘Pro-girls! We should always get girls!’ It should be whoever is best for the job. I just wish there were more girls available to chose from. Especially in doing guitar tech and backline. I rarely run into anybody which is crazy.”

If you’ve wondered who is responsible for making your favourite concerts happen, this episode is for you! Claire tells us her ultimate remedy for surviving on the road and the difference between working festivals and venue shows.

Claire’s company: http://trash-tours.com/