Ep 4. LORI BECKSTEAD: The Importance & Capabilities of Sound

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Lori Beckstead, Audio + Digital Media Professor at the Ryerson’s School of Media tells us about the fascinating capabilities of sound! Including the purpose of sound design, the importance of considering sound and music earlier on in the creative process and ideas for projects that will leave you feeling inspired to make your own! Lori is also an interactive installation sound artist and has designed projects that reveal telling data about the industry.

“People still have a need for radio and it fills a different need in our lives than visual media does. It’s an intimate medium… we listen with headphones or earbuds (I always think of earbuds as something you actually insert into your body) so it’s quite intimate in that way. Hearing a human voice talking to you over the radio is a very intimate connection”

“The pictures are better in sound media because we paint a picture for the listener or the viewer and they bring the best possible conception of what that looks like to them.”

About Lori: http://ryersonrta.ca/people/lori-beckstead


The Murmur Project: http://murmurtoronto.ca/

The Singing Road: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6Nl53bCC78