Ep 5. RACHEL RYAN: Mr. Sound Lady

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A Front of House (FOH) engineer is responsible for making a live show sound good. Mr. Sound Lady aka Rachel Ryan is one of the few female FOH engineers and has toured with bands like the Silversun Pickups and The Strokes. Listen for insider information on how to make a band sound good and which songs she uses to test out a system!

“I love the live element…you can’t sit at Pro Tools for two hours and work on a snare drum. You’ve got 30-minute sound check and it better be good…You have to keep moving forward…I love that adrenaline and that moment you create.”

“I’m an engineer that happens to be female – not a female engineer.”

Rachel Ryan explains the difference between mixing FOH, monitors and in-ears. “For me it’s about touring…If I ever gave it up I would be done with audio.” If you’re obsessed with live sound – this episode is for you!