Ep 6. AMY SCIARRETTO: The Queen of Metal

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Amy Sciarretto: “The Queen of Metal” is a 15-year veteran of the rock music scene and is easily one of the most prolific females in music journalism.

Amy tells us about the how PR can save a band’s career and even her top three products any gal should wear to a rock show. She is the founder of Atom Splitter PR: an independent full-service boutique music PR firm and she’s written for countless rock publications like Kerrang! and Alternative Press.

“PR tells your story, it directs the perception that the media has of you, which then in turn directs what the public thinks of you.”

In addition, she co-wrote a book called “Do the Devil’s Work For Him: How to Make it in the Music Business (And Stay in it).” Phew! What a powerhouse! If you’re inspired by go-getters then this episode is for you!