Ep 7. CHRISTINE LESLIE: TA2’s Executive Producer/Director of Licensing

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Christine Leslie: TA2’s very own Executive Producer/Director of Licensing is a Toronto music power house with over 30 years of experience in sound and advertising.

Her career started when she was a teenager, after her aunt hooked her up with a job as a receptionist at an art and design studio for advertising agencies. Her aunt was an advertising Producer, and she quickly set a goal for herself to become one too. After working for various music houses in Toronto over the years and falling in love with audio, she surpassed her agency Producer goal and is now one of the most respected Music Supervisors in Canada. We’re lucky she has called TA2 home for the past 5 years.

“The first couple years I worked till midnight every night. And on weekends. Just learning. I learned everything I possibly could learn about music production.”

Christine has what we think is the coolest job in Toronto. Each morning she starts her day by listening to the latest releases, and moves between managing client relationships and live recording sessions at our studio. If you’re interested in working with music daily as a real cool job, this episode is for you.

Sisters of Sound is produced and hosted by TA2’s Morgan Sheppard and Brianna Todd.