Ep 8. Sook-Yin Lee: Sook-Yin From Then To Now

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Sook-Yin Lee: is an achieved Canadian broadcaster, musician, actor and filmmaker. That’s a whole lot of things. She’s a lover of storytelling at her core, which has lead her to work in a wide variety of mediums, from being a MuchMusic VJ to performing day-long durational art experiments. Nowadays she’s still crushing it in Toronto, hosting her latest CBC show Sleepover and touring the release of her supernatural drama film, Octavio Is Dead!

We learn how things got started for her as a teen in Vancouver. After spending time in the vibrant arts scene, Sook-Yin began creating for herself. She entered and won a contest from the National Film Board to produce a short feminist film. Shortly after, the head at MuchMusic saw her produced piece and sent a camera op to her house for an impromptu VJ audition. The rest is history! Well, her history. Listen as she tells us how it all went down.

“What can I offer in this space? Embrace this pop culture mainstream medium but also fuck shit up in that.”

Sook-Yin spills her Sleepover interview process, why she refuses to be labelled based on her gender or race, and her fave ways to show a friend around our city.

Sisters of Sound is produced and hosted by TA2’s Morgan Sheppard and Brianna Todd.