Ep 13. Real-Life Unicorn and Imaging Producer Elisabeth Hart

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The radio industry is no doubt an exciting place to be. It could be the best fun you could possibly ever have working a job – literally, your job is to make people happy most of the time. At the same time, the working competition is cut-throat, which doesn’t offer much stability for professionals. It goes without saying that the ones who are making it all happen on and behind the air are hella talented.

Throughout my time working in radio, I found the male/female disparity a little striking, mostly in terms of leadership or technical positions. In almost 7 years starting my career, I had never met one single female radio Producer in my field.

So I did some digging to find one. My network proved resourceful, and lead me to episode 12’s guest in my own city of Toronto, Elisabeth Hart.


Elisabeth is the Imaging Producer at one of the largest sports station in the country, Sportsnet 590 The Fan. Don’t worry, she’ll explain what that means. Her career started here in Ontario where she, like many, worked in several departments of radio before settling into production.

Elisabeth gives us the low-down on how she landed where she is now, creating sounds to hype up listeners for the biggest sporting events of the year. She shares what her day-to-day is like and why despite being a lady in a man’s world, her gender hasn’t really mattered all that much. She’s naturally the biggest sports fan, which was effortless to prove.