Steve Gadsden - President/Director/Composer

Steve Gadsden had his first guitar lesson at the tender age of 12. The song was Jingle Bells. He walked out, went to his friend’s place, and taught himself Purple Haze instead.

Insanely disciplined. But completely bent. That’s Steve G.

Which explains why Steve knows more about every facet of audio than any other humanoid. Be it TV, radio, shows, films, music, voice direction, sound design, Steve has lived it, mastered it, and won some shiny award at it.

Drew Frohmann - Director/Writer

Character Name: Drew Frohmann

Race: Cave Troll

Class: Writer|Director|Magic-User

Level: 9|7|8

Special Items:  +1 Amulet of Hilarity +4 Quarterstaff of Sarcasm

Special Abilities: Resistance to Undead, Turning Scripts from LOL to ROFLMAO

Signature Move: Misdirected Rage

Simon Jain - Director/Composer

Little is known about his origins or the story of his upbringing. We do know that one of his parents was likely a synthesizer. The other, a colour theory professor who owned a record store. To categorize his brain would take more time than you have, so we will put it like this… there are galaxies inside there… and every project that he works on explores another one.

Experience in marketing, then advertising, then broadcast… where he worked for MUCH the last half decade, have earned him a reputation of excellence dipped in the fantastic.

When he’s not conjuring tales of revelry, he can be found curating sounds in the global electronic music scene, a highly recognized and appreciated artist in his own right. Sit with him for 5 minutes… and you’ll know why we dig him so.

Frank Rast - Director

Looking for a unique perspective on your next project? Look no further than Frank Rast. Between growing up in Johannesburg, his adventures through Europe, and his exploits in filmmaking, producing and editing, Frank brings an exciting new flavour to the TA2 potjiekos. (It’s a South African dish which Frank promises he’ll make us very soon.) Weiterhin möchten wir erwähnen, dass er fließend/verhandlungssicher Deutsch spricht.

Steve Convery - Director

You know that saying “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know?” That kind of describes Steve as it relates to audio. Except he hasn’t forgotten anything.

He started young, and rose fast. A couple of his first jobs? Track Director on Bike Story, the single most memorable commercial in Canadian history. And Audio Producer on a little show called SCTV.

After running a couple of successful audio houses, Steve joined the TA2 family to focus on making new media sound better than you think it can.

Steve also has a beautiful family.  And wonderful hair.

Clive Desmond - Director

Clive Desmond is a popular director with decades of experience. His style, though modern, often tips its hat to the best of the mid-century. He has won a Lion, a few Clios, and a Merit at the 2007 Portuguese Point of Purchase and Poster Festival. Clive was a co-founder at Louder Music, after which he was the scintillating part of Silent Joe. He has directed 275,006 celebrity voice-overs, none of whom did he befriend or sleep with. Mr. Desmond’s hobbies include drapery and window shades. Now he’s here at TA2 with some of his oldest and closest peeps, where we hope he’ll direct for another 1265 years.

Jeff Lurie - Director/Composer

Even though Jeff is our newest Track Director, he’s always been part of our family.
For starters, he’s literally childhood friends with our Chief Engineer Dave Clarke. And Jeff’s very first job in audio was a session guitarist gig…right here at TA2. He then went off and had adventures both personal and professional, but never strayed far from our hearts. He formed a band with some friends (including Dave). He became a world-ranked squash player (without Dave). He became a sought-after composer and singer for long-form and commercials. Then became an accomplished Track Director.
Now, he’s brought his boundless talent and enthusiasm back to TA2, and we couldn’t be happier.
Welcome home, Jeff.

Dana Gadsden - Executive Producer

Dana is the hub of all things TA2. She keeps the company and everyone in it running smoothly and efficiently. She is the source of all knowledge on things who, what, where, how, why and how much. Her hobbies include…well, being the hub of all things TA2.

Christine Leslie - Executive Producer/Director of Licensing

Christine has made a career of making the impossible possible.

Try producing multiple jobs, negotiating with ACTRA, and licensing a Beatles tune.  All before EOD Thursday.

Christine has produced and licensed music from AC/DC to Elvis to ZZ Top for commercials, TV shows, and films. All with that smile the whole industry knows and loves.

Dave Clarke - Chief Engineer

Ever wonder what the love child of John Lennon and Jesus would be like?

Wonder no more. Meet Dave. He’s got the glasses. The hairiness. The musicality. And the serenity. When he’s not performing miracles in studio, Dave writes and plays bass in the indie folk group Little City. And Dave is already amassing disciples. Just check out this testimonial:

“[Dave] is flaming horseshit awesome.” – Lucy Todish, Sr. Manager, Advertising, Burger King Restaurants Of Canada.

Josh Mancuso - Engineer

Josh is a brilliant engineer and apparently he’s really interesting – something something running an eSports league, playing soccer in Italy yadda yadda– but once we heard he had dreads in high school, that’s all we can think about. He’s been smart enough to scrub the internet of any trace of Josh The Conquering Lion. But we’re still looking…

Oliver Wickham - Assistant Engineer/Composer

Oliver lives a double life at TA2. During your session, he’s quietly tracking takes. But the night before, he may have been the one who wrote that sick music track you’re working with right now. Tonight, he’ll compose another amazing track for some movie, cartoon, or indie game. Which means he leads a triple life. But he’s also a black belt in karate. Occasionally DJs Drag Queen parties. And sometimes gets into heated online debates about cats being better than dogs. Ok we can’t keep track of how many lives Oliver leads. But we do know he’s cool in all of them.

Morgan Sheppard - Media Manager & Cultural Liaison

Maybe it’s her polite Haligonian upbringing. Or her abiding love for Leo, her Brittany. Whatever it is, you can’t not like Morgan. At 19, the local Halifax FM station liked her so much they put her on air. Toronto then beckoned, where she was tapped to get folks to like Indie 88, which was a resounding success. Now we’re lucky enough to have Morgan brightening our halls. If you didn’t already like her enough, Morgan also produces and hosts Sisters Of Sound, a podcast where she interviews prominent women in the audio business.

Adam Ive - Assistant Engineer

When he’s not in session, Adam is a talented videographer in the local hip-hop scene. He’s also really, really funny. How funny? Here’s the unedited list of facts he sent about himself for this bio:

I listened to more NBA podcasts then albums last year
I know enough piano to trick women into thinking I’m talented
My dream pet is a raccoon
I’ve been on tinder far too long
Mean Girls is my least favorite movie of all time
I have very little money
I had braces for 7 years and my teeth are already terrible again

Blair Duddy - Junior Engineer

Blair is wan ae they guys aht’s easy ae tawk tae. He’s git loads ae great banter ‘boot daein live audio fur pure big hings on eh telly, lit aht wan time he done eh audio fur eh Killers, so he did. He’ll blether ‘boot playin aw aht hockey in Scotland. Ye’ll hear aboot the fact he loves eh musicals ‘n that, but he gets pure buzzin aboot they country choons. He’ll tell ye eh only filum be’er than aht Casablanca is Lilo & Stitch. N’ he’ll prolly ask ye a bunch of ‘hings anol, but jus’ smile n’ nod cuz ye willny ken any ae it.

Renée Chouinard - TA2 East Client Services

At TA2 even our Client Services people are insanely talented. Meet Renée. Not only is she great at her day job. She’s also an accomplished actress, singer, she can make clothes, and she’s removed concrete retaining walls with her very own jackhammer. Anyone else you know cool enough to own a jackhammer? Didn’t think so.

Lise Maher - TA2 West Client Services

Like everyone at TA2, Lise is waaaay more than just her job description. By day, she’s Lovely TA2 West Client Services Lise. But by night, she’s Lyric Soprano With The Toronto Operetta Theatre Lise. Or sometimes, she’s Co-Artistic Director Of Little Black Dress Theatre Lise.

And she does all this wearing incredibly functional and stylish toe shoes. Which makes us wonder if she’s also Deadly Ninja Assassin Lise.

Tracey Thorney - Finance Manager

Tracey may very well be the sweetest, most trustworthy person in the world. Which is a pretty good trait for the person who’s in charge of the money. Want to know how nice she is? She does Crossfit but only told us when we asked for something to put in her bio!

Zoe - Studio Therapist

Woof. Woof Woof. “Woof Woof!” Woof.