TA2’s got a new buddy. Meet Blair Duddy! Yeah, we went for that rhyme.

Blair comes to us all the way from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s been working in music since he was a teenager, and went on to study Commercial Music at the University of the West of Scotland. A former roommate of his was from Ontario, and introduced him to Toronto and The Harris Institute. He was liking our vibe here, so he enrolled in the Toronto audio program in 2015. He excelled in his class, hanging with Supertramp’s tour manager, learning how to use an SSL console from a guy who recorded Jimi Hendrix, y’know, the usual post secondary experience.

Since graduating Blair has worked steadily in the Toronto sound world, and now he’s calling TA2 home.

He knows the business side of music in and out, and has a great accent. What gets him the most stoked is sitting behind the board.

Who knows, maybe he’ll even cook us up some haggis! Just kidding, that’s gross.

Welcome Blair to the #TA2Fam!